Lamont Oil & Chemical is a world class oil and chemical company situated in the oil rich Country of Nigeria. We offer all our clients the best of Logistic Services having grown stronger to become a known and respected brand globally.
We are well positioned to offer our clients access to the Nigerian crude supply, Having been in the industry for the better part of twenty years.
The prevailing deregulation of the Oil sector in the Nigerian democratic setting has offered a great opportunity to the oil and chemical industry. In response to this,Lamont has developed a network of associates that allows us to play an active role both in the Nigerian Exploration and Development sector and also in the International supply and trading market.Exploration & Production.
Lamont Oil and Chemical has owned the right to OPL 207 in the East of Nigeria for over 20 years. Initial work done on the field produced promising results, however financial constraints forced the company to put the work on hold. We are now in a position to enter the new round of bidding for marginal field blocks slated to start in mid 2015
Lamont Oil and Chemical is a member of the Common Wealth Business Forum and the Lagos Chamber of Commerce

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